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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Egg McMuffin with Sausage

Take out: 27g of fat (10g of saturated fat) can't be the healthiest way to start your day...Sorry Ronald but I'm NOT lovin' it!

Fake Out: A lower calorie, much lower fat, low cholesterol and high fiber option made in a few short minutes. The kids actually prefer this so it's a no-brainer.

Pour the egg beater into a tiny round non-stick pan on medium heat. Split & toast your multi-grain light English muffin and then pop your turkey breakfast sausages in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. When the muffin is toasted, lay the low fat cheese slice on top & watch it melt (OK enough...snap out of it. LOL). Then cut the sausage links in half (now you have 4 halves) and lay those side-by-side on the cheese. Finally, flip in your round egg beater & season with ketchup & pepper.

Calories: 254
Fat: 9 (note: using fat free cheese will drop this to 6g)
Fiber: 8
Points: 4

Cost per serving: $2.87

Shopping List:

Serving size: 2 turkey sausage links
Calories: 74
Fat: 5
Fiber: 0
Points: 2
Cost per serving: $0.57

Serving size: 1 pack
Calories: 30
Fat: 0
Fiber: 0
Points: 0.5
Cost per serving: $1.49

Serving size: 1 multi grain light muffin
Calories: 100
Fat: 1
Fiber: 8
Points: 1
Cost per serving: $0.56

Serving size: 1 low fat cheese slice
Calories: 50
Fat: 3
Fiber: 0
Points: 1
Cost per serving: $0.25

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